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Cloudhub Hosting and Technology HTML Template

Cloudhub is a modern, responsive and versatile template providing a powerful base for hosting, technology and startup companies. Its well structured and lightweight code makes it incredibly easy to build new projects while utilizing a huge variety of customization options and layout elements.

WHMCS 7.5.1 Screenshots

Live Preview


We have created 9 unique demo landing pages so far to showcase the strengths and possibilities of this template. You are welcome to send us suggestions for additional layouts you would like to see included in the future.

9 Demo Landing Pages


Our custom WHMCS integration implements the header and footer elements of the HTML template with the version 7.5.1 default template. Additionally, many of the core elements have been customized to improve the overall appearance and usability.

Custom WHMCS Integration


Changing the color scheme is incredibly easy using our included style sheet template. Simply customize the primary and secondary color definitions and add gradients to certain main layout elements if desired. Feel free to contact us if you would like to see additional custom color schemes added to the item package.

Easy Color Customization


  • 40 Page Templates
  • 9 Demo Landing Pages
  • Unique Content Sliders
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Easy Color Customization
  • Custom WHMCS Integration
  • Custom Created Graphics
  • Photoshop Vector Files
  • Custom Copywriting
  • Lightweight Code


  • 404.html
  • about.html
  • blog-article.html
  • blog.html
  • blog-sidebar-article.html
  • blog-sidebar.html
  • client-login.html
  • contact.html
  • elements-columns.html
  • elements-forms.html
  • elements-galleries.html
  • elements-masonry.html
  • elements-other.html
  • elements-pricing.html
  • elements-sliders.html
  • elements-tabs.html
  • features.html
  • home-custom-color.html
  • home-domain-search.html
  • home.html
  • home-large-slider.html
  • home-light-header.html
  • home-light-slider.html
  • home-product-slider.html
  • home-single-page.html
  • home-user-onboarding.html
  • index.html
  • knowledge-base.html
  • network.html
  • products-anycast-dns.html
  • products-block-storage.html
  • products-cloud-hosting.html
  • products-cloud-servers.html
  • products-custom-cloud.html
  • products-dedicated-cloud.html
  • products-developer-cloud.html
  • products-domain-names.html
  • products-ssl-certificates.html
  • service-status.html
  • terms-of-service.html


  • clouds.psd
  • icons.psd
  • logo.psd
  • map.psd
  • servers.psd



Some images used in the live preview showing buildings, workspaces or people have been blurred for the download package due to privacy or licensing purposes.


Version 1.9

  • Updated WHMCS integration to version 7.5.1

Version 1.8

  • Updated WHMCS integration to version 7.5.0

Version 1.7

  • Added modal overlay boxes
  • Added custom link iframe overlay
  • Added product configurator slider step option
  • Improved product configurator slider performance

Version 1.6

  • Added Font Awesome 5.0 compatibility
  • Fixed minor styling issues in WHMCS integration

Version 1.5

  • Added product comparison table
  • Updated cloud hosting product page
  • Updated custom color style sheet template

Version 1.4

  • Added additional button sizes
  • Added product configurator slider
  • Added custom cloud product page
  • Added developer cloud product page
  • Updated custom color style sheet templates
  • Fixed drop down menu visibility in WHMCS integration

Version 1.3

  • Added domain names product page
  • Added SSL certificates product page
  • Added PHP contact form with ReCaptcha support
  • Added various main and custom style declarations
  • Added custom term selector script for product boxes
  • Fixed module styling issues in WHMCS integration

Version 1.2

  • Fixed styling error with custom search input fields

Version 1.1

  • Improved gesture detection on touch inputs
  • Added custom WHMCS integration based on version 7.4.1


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